Inlays or Onlays

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Similar to composite fillings, inlays or onlays, which are made of porcelain or ceramic, can be used in restorative dentistry to fill a cavity. Dr. Cohlmia may recommend an inlay or onlay treatment instead of a composite filling if you have a large cavity, the cavity is on a chewing surface, or if you are worried about the aesthetics of your teeth. With the exception of amalgam, or silver fillings, all of the fillings Dr. Cohlmia offers will match the natural shade of your surrounding teeth. However, composite fillings are more likely to become stained as opposed to porcelain or ceramic fillings.

What is a Dental Inlay?

Imagine a dental inlay as the cosmetic-centric version of a typical composite filling. The filling is designed in a lab to fit the area of decay in your tooth. An impression, or mold, is made during your initial appointment with Dr. Cohlmia. At your second appointment, the porcelain or ceramic inlay is placed with a dental bonding material to secure the appliance to your tooth.

What is a Dental Onlay?

In comparison to inlays, dental onlays are not just cosmetic options. Dr. Cohlmia may recommend a porcelain onlay if you have a dental cavity on a chewing surface. Since onlays are made of hard ceramic or porcelain, instead of plastic in composite fillings, the appliance can offer the tooth more strength. Sometimes dental inlays or onlays can be used as a crown to cover an entire tooth cavity rather than part of the tooth’s surface.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Historically, inlays and onlays were made of gold. However, many cosmetic dentists in OKC, including Dr. Cohlmia, use porcelain or ceramic onlays or inlays. This material has comparable strength and matches the natural color of your teeth. If you are interested in a dental inlay or onlay filling in OKC, call Family Dental Center to schedule an appointment today!