Fixed Bridges

Missing one or more teeth can cause a number of functional and aesthetic concerns. At our OKC dental office, we offer a number of fixed dental bridge options to replace one or more missing or broken teeth. Compared to dental implants, a dental bridge is a less expensive and less invasive option.

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What Happens During a Dental Bridge Procedure?

There are a number of different types of dental bridges and each type has a slightly different dental bridge procedure. The four main types of fixed dental bridges are: traditional, Maryland, implant-supported, and cantilever. Below, we will break down the different types of dental bridges and their procedure.

Traditional Dental Bridge:

For example, if you have one missing tooth with two natural teeth on their side of the missing tooth, you may be a good candidate for a traditional dental bridge. In this dental bridge procedure, Dr. Cohlmia will secure a dental crown or dental cap over the natural teeth with a prosthetic tooth in the middle to fill the hole.

Maryland Dental Bridge:

Dr. Cohlmia can replace two missing teeth in his OKC dental office with a Maryland dental bridge. Similar to the traditional dental bridge, you need two natural, healthy teeth on either side of your teeth. The only difference between the two dental bridges is that the Maryland dental bridge supports the prosthetic teeth with a ring around the two nearby, healthy teeth.

Cantilever Dental Bridge:

This type of dental bridge is almost identical to the traditional dental bridge, except the prosthetic tooth that fills the gap is only supported by one natural tooth instead of two.

Implant Supported Dental Bridge:

This is the most invasive option and is used when there are not healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth. Instead of attaching a band or a crown to the surrounding natural teeth, Dr. Cohlmia secures one or two completely fake teeth to cover the missing tooth. Many times patients find that they do not need this invasive procedure and opt for one of the dental bridge options above.